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Whole Body Health is an integrative healing center.
We at Whole Body Health treat people comprehensively with Traditional Chinese Medical modalities, including:
Acupuncture ( Acupuncture is a system of using needles to manipulate the vital energy {Qi} in the body)
Acupressure  (Using the same points as acupuncture and massaging instead of needling)
Chinese Herbal Therapy (Chinese herbal formulas have been used for over 2000 years effectively). patent herbals.
Chinese Massage (Tuina, therapeutic massage that incorporates acu-points)
Gua Sha  (Deep tissue manipulation with a tool that looks like a chinese soup spoon.)
Cupping (Sliding glass cups that have had the air evacuated over the skin), its like a reverse massage).
Diet therapy (The first place to start healing is with nutrition and what we eat.)
Electo-acupuncture (using electricity to stimulate acu-points.)
 Auricular therapy (Ear acupuncture used to treat a wide variety of diseases and disorders including; weight loss,chemical dependency, and smoking. )
We feel that the patient is a integral partner in their healing process.
We use  only presterilized single-use disposible needles.

Whole Body Health
Heather Vandeburg
MS Oriental Medicine, LAc, Dipl Ac (NCCAOM) BS Biology, BS nutrition

Heather graduated from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago Illinois
She has over 2900 hours of training
She graduated Summa Cum Laude
She had additional training and certification from Guang Zhou University in China
She is Liscensed in IL, WI, CO, WA, AZ
She is Board certified

A good book to read that gives a good description of Chinese medicine is The Web That Has No Weaver

547 W State St
Sycamore IL 60178


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Servicing: DeKalb IL, Sycamore IL, Rockford IL, Geneva IL, St Charles IL, Elgin IL, Elburn IL, Batavia IL, Aurora IL, Waterman IL, Mendota IL, Belvidere IL, Genoa IL, Kingston IL, Kirkland IL, Cortland IL, Maple Park IL, Rochelle IL, Sandwich IL, Somonauk IL, Sugar Grove IL,

Heather Vandeburg Masters of Oriental Medicine LAc
Board Certified Acupuncturist
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